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Sep 16, 2019

In episode 3, Natalie McCall talked to the fabulous Lisa Ramee. Lisa’s debut novel, A Good Kind of Trouble, is one of the buzziest children’s books of the year. It’s about Shayla, a girl trying to understand and maybe even participate in the Black Lives Matter movement while also trying to sort out the drama of junior high (crushes, changing friendships, and adults who just don’t understand). 

They chatted about money (maybe being rich isn’t all that great?), race (colorism and learning how to love yourself), and ESP (oops! did you accidentally push your sister down the stairs with the power of your mind?!?)

Dust off your favorite headphones, pull up your favorite podcast app and hang out with them! And if you love it, tell your book loving friends and leave a review.


Show Notes

Check this list to see Lisa’s 8 books (and to check them out from the library!)